Mercury Theatre | Facilities
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The Main Theatre has seating for 587 people, but can facilitate up to 651 people, by putting in two additional rows of chairs up at the front of the stage, at the hirers cost. Included are a sound system, and a basic lighting system, a stage area and the associated rigging and royal red front curtain.

The design of the theatre is such that while it can host a reasonable size audience, there is never less of a sense of intimate proximity with the performers or speakers. The acoustics are such that whether you have a large performance such as an orchestra, or a solo acoustic set, there is no loss of quality or volume of sound.


This is a somewhat smaller theatre with 124 comfortable seats and also includes a sound system and basic lighting. It is ideal for smaller acoustic sets, seminars, or teaching sessions.


The Mercury Dome is  often used for after event  function for sponsor,  promoters, entertainers and support staff.


The Mercury Foyer what  you can see bar for serving food and drinks.


The Mercury is situated less than 200metres from the K Road car park, on Mercury Lane – a covered and secure parking area, multi-level, with ample sites for all sizes of show.


K Road Carpark
24 Mercury Lane, Auckland,1010.
Main Entry/Exit is via Mercury Lane, and the carpark has walkways to both Cross Street, and an overhead walkway to K Road. Skidata equipment x2 Auto pay machines situated on levels 2 & 7. Coins, notes, credit cards and eftpos cards all accepted.
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